Testimonial Maple We wanted to reach out and thank Jim, Evan and everyone at Animal Learning Systems for all their work.  Maple is a perfect companion to Kate and I.   We take her virtually everywhere with us and we never have any issues or problems with her.  She is [...]



Testimonial Perrie As a puppy, Perrie was wonderful—affectionate, playful, smart and eagerly responsive to training with treats. But he was always very excitable and determined, and no matter how hard we worked we could not teach him to walk on the leash without pulling. By the time he was a [...]



Testimonial Lou Hello Friends!! Just wanted to check in and let you know Lou is doing so well at his new job!  He is an absolute gem at work and all the patients are loving him all day long. He does all his work without many commands anymore and has [...]

Moto, Ketchup, Spoon, and Ryder


Testimonial Moto, Ketchup, Spoon, and Ryder Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!   We are so blessed to have found Animal Learning Systems. We first met Jim thru a referral, and our little Morkie “Moto” joined the Capstone program.  Throughout the whole process Jim and Kim kept our family [...]



Testimonial Bishop Without the help of you all I wouldn’t have been able to keep him and get to where we are today. We are forever grateful to you and your team. Kayla Bishop Kayla M. Merrill, MI Most Recent Testimonials [...]



Testimonial Watson We made a key mistake, falling for two lab puppies, littermates, at once. Watson and Jasper were well loved, but Watson ran off, whenever he got the opportunity, and his brother would follow along. They were dangerous to themselves and drivers trying to avoid them. They were a [...]



Testimonial Roxy I heard about Jim and his company, Animal Learning Systems, from a friend who had 2 dogs trained and could not say enough good things. My husband and I decided to contact Jim because our Rott mix puppy, Roxy, was playfully biting (and hurting!) our 5-year-old son and [...]



Testimonial Beau Many thanks to Jim, Evan, Kim and the entire ALS staff for the remarkable positive change in Beau's behavior. He is so much more confident, less fearful and much less reactive. I finally have a trustworthy dog and owe it all to your training and knowledge. Wonderful to [...]



Testimonial Cody Cody was rescued from a kill shelter in Houston and passed around house-to-house, until I adopted him when he was 4 months old. It was obvious right from the beginning of our time together that Cody must have had a troubled start at life. He was fearful of [...]

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