Testimonial Linus Linus Utley joined our family in December, 2015.  He saved us as we had lost Ripley, our previous dog, just 12 days before.  We are fortunate that he didn't succeed at service dog training, so he came to us mostly trained.... we estimate that he had been seven [...]



Testimonial Quincy"We've been Animal Learning Center clients for over 12 years; first with our Golden Retriever, Dobby, and now with our Beagle puppy, Quincy.Jim trained Dobby intensively, and he was the calmest, most loving dog for over 10 years after.Our current silly, rescue Beagle, Quincy, attended Jim's puppy class last year, [...]



Testimonial Max Timidity in young dogs is a red flag to prospective new owners that future behavior problems may await them. Such was the case with Max, who appeared shy and uneasy at the pound. In time Max began showing signs of aggressive behavior directed at the things he likewise [...]



Testimonial Charlie in Oakland County, MI When we first met Charlie, she was a pretty sad dog. Yes, she was aggressive and dangerous, but we felt sorry for her, since it was obvious to us that her behavior was not in her control. Her family reached out to us after working [...]



Testimonial Sayda from Rochester, MI Sayda is truly a part of the ALS family. When we first met her, she was a challenging dog in every sense of the word. She was fearful of strangers, extremely predatory with all animals, and impossible to control outside of the home, and in [...]



Testimonial DexterDexter was about as dysfunctional as a family dog could be. He could not be exposed to anyone and his veterinarian could no longer care for him. His inability to regulate his own emotions lead to his learning some pretty bizarre and dangerous behavior. Dexter was so intense, that his [...]



Testimonial Shag Alice and her family had many dogs over the years and had even had a Puli once... albeit 30 years ago. With the loss of their old Collie and at her family’s insistence she agreed to a new puppy. Cute as Shag was by 5 months of age [...]

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