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A personalized kennel experience for dog’s that don’t want to be bored.

We Know Your Dogs. They Know and Trust Us.SM

Much more than a kennel, our Urban Dog Campus is a place that promotes long term client relationships through daily, short-term, and long-term boarded training and grooming, access to recreational training activities and the application of scientific principles to the management of canine development and care throughout the animal’s lifespan. In addition to the dog’s experiences with us owners are encouraged to take advantage of our campus sponsored seminars and workshops.

Our Urban Dog Campus is a private kennel and access to its services are restricted to established clients, and dogs that have participated in one of our other services or programs. Whether they come to us through our Behavior Practice, Off-Leash Training Programs, Family Training Courses, Pet Containment Solutions, or client or veterinary referral – we welcome your companions to become a part of our family.

Our Philosophy

Dogs thrive on structure and grow through enrichment.

Every dog in our care – be it for the day, week, or longer-term – receives highly structured and enriched routines of human and animal socialization, play, training, feeding and rest periods. All staff is trained to support the development of a well-mannered and psychologically balanced animal. Dogs are here to learn and ritualize proper behavior and attitude, rather than to simply be housed.

Enrichment stimulates the animal’s mind to promote learning, elevate confidence, alleviate boredom and lower stress.

Attitude is everything in a companion dog and so we design everything we teach to foster cooperation over competition from your pet. We actively work to promote cooperation between the dogs in our care and their human caregivers,
both here and at home.

We apply academic principles to promote appropriate behavior from your dog. We manage the dog’s environment to prevent inappropriate learning leading to problematic behavior.

Every stay with us works to foster a well-balanced companion dog, one that is subordinate yet confident, playful and yet more responsive to you at home.

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