Testimonial Roxy I heard about Jim and his company, Animal Learning Systems, from a friend who had 2 dogs trained and could not say enough good things. My husband and I decided to contact Jim because our Rott mix puppy, Roxy, was playfully biting (and hurting!) our 5-year-old son and [...]



Testimonial Roco Roco, a Shiba Inu, is a worldly dog. He was purchased in China, where the family was living at the time, later moving stateside, and now living in Chicago. Although the family was well informed in the challenges of this breed, they were overwhelmed by the dog’s independence [...]



Testimonial Figaro Everyone loved Figaro, but at age 2 he had a few kinks that made him hard to like. Difficult to walk, too, he loved to tour the neighborhood on his own by bolting out of doors, often exuberantly jumping on neighbors he encountered along the way. After a [...]



Testimonial Tucker We met Leslie and Tucker when Tucker was just 10 weeks old. A gift to Leslie from her cousin, Tucker was already a big and enthusiastic puppy. Despite her disability Leslie is a very active person who lives with her husband and 2 cats, the latter 3 not [...]



Testimonial Carbon Carbon came to us at 11 months old. Already a bully, he played too rough with children, had established himself as an effective hunter of squirrels and birds, and was generally incorrigible. Frustrated and embarrassed by their dog, Carbon’s family elected an Off Leash Training Program to allow [...]



Testimonial Shag Alice and her family had many dogs over the years and had even had a Puli once... albeit 30 years ago. With the loss of their old Collie and at her family’s insistence she agreed to a new puppy. Cute as Shag was by 5 months of age [...]



Testimonial Frankie Vera has had dogs all of her life, but when Frankie was added into the mix of a 3 year old Standard Poodle and a 10 year old Miniature Poodle, chaos prevailed. Frankie at 15 months had instigated a number of fights with each of the other dogs. [...]

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