Testimonial Charlie in Ortonville, MI When we first met Charlie, she was a pretty sad dog. Yes, she was aggressive and dangerous, but we felt sorry for her, since it was obvious to us that her behavior was not in her control.  Her family reached out to us after working [...]

D’Annunzio Family


Testimonial Reese, Kramer, Sandy, and Dexter from Chicago, ILHave you ever met a family and thought that you would like to be their dog?Dave and Laura Sue have a long history of rescuing dogs and giving them a dream-life. And, tough ones, too! But, like all good parents, they expect their charges [...]



Testimonial June from Ferndale, MIJune was referred to us by the family’s veterinarian after pharmacologic treatment for her aggression towards people had been ineffective. June was purchased at the age of 6 weeks from an ad posted at a local 7-Eleven Convenience Store. It may have been a convenient purchase, but it [...]



Testimonial Kadan from Grosse Pointe, MI Jessica worked hard in classes with Kadan, but 70 pounds of muscle and a room full of dogs made Kadan appear more like a freight train than a dog. Eventually, Jessica scheduled a diagnostic evaluation to determine why her hard work wasn’t paying off [...]



Testimonial Sayda from Rochester, MI Sayda is truly a part of the ALS family. When we first met her, she was a challenging dog in every sense of the word. She was fearful of strangers, extremely predatory with all animals, and impossible to control outside of the home, and in [...]



Testimonial ZephyrProlonged isolation and confinement is psychological torture. Zephyr was adopted after 4 years in a no-kill shelter where the staff there could barely manage him. Although he loved Olivia, his new owner to be, he was very unstable with all others. At our evaluation, Zephyr tested to be a dog [...]



Testimonial DexterDexter was about as dysfunctional as a family dog could be. He could not be exposed to anyone and his veterinarian could no longer care for him. His inability to regulate his own emotions lead to his learning some pretty bizarre and dangerous behavior. Dexter was so intense, that his [...]

Louie & Koko


Testimonial Louie & Koko Louie and Koko, both sweet and very cute, were the wedding gift that kept on giving... too bad it was in the form of peeing and barking! Even the 18 month old little girl covered her ears at one point during our initial evaluation of the [...]



Testimonial Tucker We met Leslie and Tucker when Tucker was just 10 weeks old. A gift to Leslie from her cousin, Tucker was already a big and enthusiastic puppy. Despite her disability Leslie is a very active person who lives with her husband and 2 cats, the latter 3 not [...]



Testimonial Sasha Amanda and her roommates wanted to share their 4th floor Manhattan walk-up with a rescue dog. Sasha seemed sweet and ready for a young family, but within days Sasha was diagnosed with severe pneumonia requiring a lengthy hospitalization. Happy to reclaim their now healthy dog, they quickly discovered [...]

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