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Our courses are really about training people to train their own dogs.

We coach you and your family in the exercises and techniques that build upon each other to produce a well-mannered dog. Each session of each course teaches new material, reviews past lessons, and gives you ample time to practice in the presence of experienced staff that help you succeed. Homework is kept to a minimum with lessons that are practical and designed to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Level 1 – All Dogs Begin Here.

Puppies learn social skills from their mother and litter-mates during their first weeks of life. Once they become part of a human family it is essential that they learn to be a good companion and neighbor, and time for you to learn to be a responsible pet owner. The sooner you begin the more satisfied you’ll be. But remember, it’s never too late… you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Level 1 accepts ages 8 weeks and up. We don’t segregate dogs into puppy and adult groups. It is essential that all dogs learn to socialize properly across developmental stages of life and when it comes to learning the basic tricks and manners necessary to a pet’s success, age is not as important as technique.

Course features:

  • Basic control exercises (tricks) including:
  • Come, Sit, Down, Stay, and proper leash walking
  • Proper play and socialization
  • Basic care and handling of dogs
  • Nuisance behavior prevention including: nipping, jumping and stealing
  • House training and destruction prevention

Level 2 – For Level 1 Graduates Who Want To Expand Their Training Potential.

Enjoying your companion more now that it has completed basic training? Then continue that trend by expanding those skills with more demanding and complex exercises. Level 2 provides the structure and guidance needed to continue to advance your dog’s responses, reliability and manners.

Course features:

  • Emphasis on making you a better trainer
  • Expanded practical exercises (tricks) to give you more control
  • Safety and distraction training
  • Emphasis on response reliability
  • Emphasis on improving your well-mannered dog

Graduates of our Level 2 Course have the option of taking the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. The American Kennel Club recognizes responsible owners who pledge to be a responsible dog owner and have invested the time and effort to make their companion a well-mannered dog.

At the completion of our Level 2 Course, we administer the 10 step CGC test to graduates that are up to the challenge.

Learn More About CGC

Private Classes – For Lifestyles That Don’t Conform To Group Schedules.

We offer our training courses in a condensed format of 4 individual sessions aimed at producing a well-mannered pet, while giving households good control of their pet at home and On-Leash in public.

Either Level 1 or Level 2 curriculums are available.

Level 2 participants may schedule the CGC Test as a separate event, since the testing requires a group of people and dogs.

Private courses can be scheduled at your location or one of our facilities.

Please note that Private Courses are not a substitute for evaluating and treating dogs with serious behavioral challenges. For these dogs, we offer our behavior therapy options.

Learn More About Behavior Therapy

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