Will this help protect our dog from the coyotes?

Coyotes are an increasing part of the urban environment as are a number of large predatory birds that can be a threat to small pets. Pet containment systems can be used to keep dogs away from the most vulnerable areas of some yards, but they are no substitute for proper supervision.

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How can I be sure my dog won’t get kennel cough or some other sickness?

All dogs staying with us are required to adhere to strict health requirements, which significantly reduces the chance of your dog being exposed to common contagious illnesses. “Kennel Cough” is a catch-all name for a variety of upper respiratory viral and bacterial infections that can be airborne or spread through saliva. Vaccinations are your first [...]

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What if my dog was to get sick while staying with you?

Every dog in our care is monitored daily for signs and symptoms of illness or injury. In the very rare event that your dog shows signs of needing care it would be transferred to either a multi-specialty veterinary hospital or emergency center. We don’t wait for permission or to reach you, dogs needing care are [...]

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Can I send my dog’s bed and toys?

We provide all of the accessories your dog will need. We do not allow dogs to bring their own bedding and toys. This is to control “bullying” (dogs fighting over new possessions) and to assure health and safety in the kennel.

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Do you offer daycare?

Yes, we offer day programs of care, that include basic and recurrent training. Day program dogs receive the same services as extended stay dogs, except we don’t turn down the sheets.

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