Why does my dog have to go away for the training?

Learning and behavior is highly ritualized in dogs. This means that they behave in context to their environment. Think about how differently you behave at home versus work or school, or in your religious community versus a party. By removing the dog from its familiar places and routines we can start fresh, accomplish the maximum, [...]

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Can we visit while our dog is in training?

Unfortunately, your dog must complete its lessons before being reintroduced to its family. Visits are disruptive to the learning and can cause stress and confusion for the dog and family members. You will receive updates along the way to help the time go by quickly. Of course, you are welcome and encouraged to visit our [...]

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My city has a leash-law how does that affect the training?

Off-Leash training is a privilege and a responsibility. Having an Off-Leash trained dog gives you the freedom to enjoy the animal in any venue, leashed or not. Although your dog will be able to accompany you anywhere without being leashed for control, we urge everyone to act responsibly and obey community standards.

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What training methods do you use in the Off-Leash program?

Each animal is unique and our training is adapted to meet the capabilities and limitations of each dog that goes through our program. We use many academically proven and humane approaches to achieve the finest results for your companion. The exact process for your dog will be determined and discussed at your initial planning session [...]

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We are a busy family, we love our dog, but we just don’t have the time to get the results we’ve dreamed of. And, we are in Florida! Our niece told us that you can train our dog to be perfect for us. How can that be?

We are proud of our reputation and have clients throughout Michigan, including the upper peninsula, and in more than 8 states, including: Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee,Virginia, and Wisconsin. We have also served families in Canada. We begin with extensive communication with you and when deemed appropriate arrange a personal meeting, [...]

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