What is the difference between training and behavior therapy?

Training teaches an animal to respond to “commands” like come, sit and stay. Behavior Therapy isolates the causes for inappropriate and undesirable behavior and effects the animal’s motivations and emotions that accompany behavior. For example: if your dog is mischievous or worse yet, is aggressive towards you or someone else, teaching it to come or [...]

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How are you different from other in-home trainers who specialize in behavior problems?

We differ in the ability to accurately assess the underlying emotion and motivation affecting behavior, as well as the biologic processes controlling behavior. This academic interpretation allows us to more accurately predict outcomes and set more realistic expectations. Too, treatment protocols we recommend are more targeted and therefore more likely to be effective then typical [...]

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Do you make use of medications?

Only a veterinarian can prescribe medications for your animal. However, we utilize a holistic scientific approach to assessing behavior and often consult with veterinarians when we believe that medical testing and treatment, including use of medication can benefit your animal. Fewer than 5% of the animals we see are candidates for drug therapy in treating [...]

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We work, can we get an evening or weekend appointment?

We understand the competing resources for your time. Our concern is that you have the time available to focus on the animal when we do meet. We see clients days and evenings and have limited Saturday availability. At least one adult living with the animal must be present.

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We don’t live in the Detroit-metro area, but do see a number of out-of-state dogs on your website. We’ve tried everything local, how can you help?

We are proud of our reputation and have clients throughout Michigan, including the upper peninsula, and in more than 8 states, including: Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. We have also served families in Canada. We begin with extensive communication with you and when deemed appropriate arrange a personal [...]

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