Containment Solutions

Fenceless containment systems for home and yard.

With Boundaries Come FreedomSM

Pet containment systems are a great tool to restrict your dog’s boundaries within your property. With the help of our designers you can choose what areas of your property your dog or dogs have access. Backyard, front yard, even interior spaces can be setup to allow or deny the dog access.

Within an accessible area, such as your yard space, you can protect your pet and property by creating containment areas: swimming pools, flowerbeds, wet and mucky spots, and bird feeders, to suggest a few.

Properly designed and installed solutions, when combined with effective training, assure your pets’ freedom to explore and play without physical fencing or tie-out lines. There is nothing to jump over, chew through or dig under.

Already tried another containment solution and failed?

We have helped many families successfully overcome failures by implementing the right solutions and the right training to keep their pets’ and property safe and secure.

How It’s Done

Pet containment systems are not magic, they are based on radio technology.

The trick is in the installation’s design and most importantly… the training!

Following our designer’s instructions, our staff create boundaries and restricted areas using transmitters that emit radio signals detectable by a special collar worn by your dog.

The dog’s collar is essentially a radio receiver. When the collar approaches a boundary a warning signal is emitted from the collar, which tells the dog to stay back. Should the animal continue to approach the boundary the collar releases an aversive pulse that the dog has learned – through our training – to avoid.

Training happens in three stages.

First, we coach you in an initial onsite lesson to playfully teach the dog its new boundaries and restricted areas. You continue these lessons with your dog or dogs for 1 week.

Next, we return to coach you on teaching the dog the consequences of not taking the boundaries seriously. Again, you continue these lessons at home for another week.

Last, we return to verify your training results and assure that the dog or dogs are reliable, confident and playful within the parameters of the solution.

Free Site Plan and Quotation

Let our expert designers help plan your dogs’ freedom

Let’s Get Started

We begin with an initial onsite review of your dog or dogs and your specific containment needs, before proposing a design and plan, along with a cost quotation.

Each system can contain multiple safe zones as well as prohibited areas.

Our solutions can support an unlimited number of dogs and can cover up to 40 acres.

You can initiate a no cost, no obligation, on-site review of your needs by calling our business office, or by submitting the form below for help, which will be responded to within one business day.

Before you call or submit your request, please be ready to provide us with the following information:

  • How many dogs
  • Type of dogs
  • Approximate ages
  • A concise summary of your goals for a containment solution

We will also need your name, best telephone number(s) to reach you, and an e-mail address.


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